Wet & Messy

Foot Fetish

Our models love to crush their victims in all different kinds of shoes. Regardless if in sneakers, boots, pumps, heels, wedges, sandals, sock or barefoot; they destroy and pulverize everything without any mercy as they have lots of fun showing off their superiority.

Model cars & trains, musical instruments, inflatables, electronic devices or food...nothing is safe from their ruthless feet once they spotted it. The more expensive the items rae, the more the ladies enjoy it.

Pieing each others faces, having their bodies covered and rubbed with food, getting gunged or jumping in the pool fully clothed is all what these girls want.

Regardless if in designer clothes, sports wear or naked, our models always make sure that everyone gets what she deserves.

The messier they can get each other, the more fun they have.

Our models are just waiting to produce the next wam clip for you.

Which girl doesn't dream of having her feet paid attention to?

Our models love to get their feet worshipped and enjoy to share their passion in front of the camera, so you can watch how much they savor it.

Regardless if in shoes, nylons, socks or barefoot, the girls also love to reveal and worship each others' feet, suck and lick each others' toes and soles.

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