Alesia 26 – Alesia’s Guitar Lesson

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Custom video: After a long and stressful day at the office, Alesia had plans to go to the gym with a friend for some relaxation. However just at home, her guitar tutor Henry calls and wants to bring the planned guitar lesson forward by an hour, which she agrees to.
Having just cancelled the gym appointment with her friend, Alesia receives another call from Henry, telling that the originally agreed timing remains as he won’t be able to make it earlier. She gets annoyed, however plans to do some sport at home now instead. She changes her business outfit, pumps and stockings into some sportswear and sneakers and starts her workout.
After a while Henry calls again and states that he will be running late, nevertheless requests Alesia to already practice a bit. She does as told, however loses interest quite quickly and looks for other ways to amuse herself. She begins to stretch the guitar strings to see how much force they can withstand, when one of the strings suddenly rips.
Alesia is in shock and hopes that she can fix the guitar again before Henry arrives. Just in this moment, Henry rings her again as he got stuck in traffic and won’t be able to make it at all today. Now the broken guitar doesn’t matter anymore, so Alesia decides to ruin it by stepping and standing on it with her full weight. Eventually the guitar collapses under her weight, much to Alesia’s pleasure.
Since she is already in a destructive mood, she decides to also crush some handmade christmas balls (Henry’s Xmas present) with her new golden sneakers.

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