Alesia & Friends – Crushing Day Part 5/8 (Close-up)

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Three of Alesia’s fans jointly organised a big crush party for her with plenty of material. Due to the endless number of toys (26 medium & large size rc cars, 23 model train wagons, 13 inflatable beach balls, 2 big trucks and 1 guitar), Alesia decided to also invite her best friends Daniela and Verena over to join the fun. Since Dani and Verena have never performed any crushing before, they are very excited and eager to try it out; hence can’t await to get started!
The girls incite each other more and more and also urge each other to destroy all the toys to bits and pieces (can you hear the cracking sound when plastic breaks, electrical cables snap off, copper windings in the motors are crushed, inflatables are popped and ripped?). An excessive crush party develops whilst the girls have the blast of their life! Lots of laughing and hot crush talk, don’t miss it!

Part 5: Alesia, Dani and Verena decide to continue their crush party with 4 police cars by applying their full weight on them. The crush bitches, just wearing socks and no shoes, take a wooden board and place it on top of the police cars. One after another steps on the board (starting with the lightest girl) to test if the cars can withstand the weight.
Eventually all three girls step jointly on the board, applying their full weight on the poor cars. Alesia, Dani and Verena enjoy the cracking plastic sound under their feet before obliterating the cars completely with their Buffalo and Fila Disruptor sneakers.

This is the close-up version of the video!
(We do recommend the close-up version over the wide angle version)

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