Char 5 – Another one bites the Dust (Close-up)

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Custom Clip: What a shame, Paddy…I am going to crush your beloved car with all my weight of 67 kg! I just love to punish you, whilst enjoying the sound of the model car already breaking underneath my bare feet.
Could you imagine if you were underneath my gorgeous feet, your bones would just be cracking! To cause even more damage to the toy, I put on my sharp stiletto pumps and just ram the heels right into the car body. You are so lucky that I allow you to watch this!
My heels get stuck several times and do suffer severe damage from the crush action, so I decide to punish you even more. I spit on my sweaty dirty bare feet and demand you to lick them clean all over, before continuing to destroy the car using my hands. The final obliteration is performed with my stiletto pumps and barefoot again. I hope that teaches you a lesson!

This is the close-up version of the video!
(We do recommend the close-up version over the wide angle version)

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