Ivy 2 – Moving House

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Custom video: Ivy is moving house today. While packing up her household, she discovers an old pair of Adidas sneakers, which she hasn’t worn for ages. Will they still fit?
She puts on some nylon socks followed by the sneakers. The sneakers still seem to be in good shape, however all the moving boxes are already full. Ivy is wondering what to do with the shoes when she discovers some decor snail shells. Since there is no more storage capacity left and she has no use for those anyway, she decides to have some fun and tries to slowly crush them with her sneakers.
Next victim are some balloons which also need to be disposed. Ivy pops some of the balloons with her sneakers before sitting on and riding them, until the balloons burst under her butt with a loud bang.
Ivy finally also discovers a bulky guitar in one corner. While playing on it, she wonders if the guitar will be stable enough to survive the relocation. So she decides to put the guitar to a test: If the guitar can hold her weight, it will also be steady enough for the transport. Will the guitar make it?

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