Ivy 3 – Box Discovery during Clean-up

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20 Minutes / 1.43 GB


Custom video: While tidying up, Ivy comes across a long forgotten box. She is very curious about what’s inside and discovers a pair of pink adidas sneakers and black stockings.
She decides to slowly put on the nylons and shoes before continuing with her clean-up campaign. The balloons annoy Ivy the most, so she wants to get rid of them first. She grabs a balloon and slowly sits on it with her full weight, until the balloon pops under her butt with a loud bang. As this cleaning method is a lot of fun for Ivy, she decides to proceed with the remaining balloons accordingly.
Next victim are several large light bulbs, which just burst into a thousand pieces when Ivy steps on them. The sound of breaking glass is so satisfying for her, that she also tries to crush multiple bulbs at once to create an even better sound.
Once all the bulbs are gone, it’s time for the red guitar. Ivy flips the guitar several times and carefully steps on it to test its strength. How long can the guitar withstand her weight before it will finally collapse?

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