Ivy 4 – The Fitness Workout Part 1/2

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Custom Video: A fan has sent Ivy plenty of stuff for a large crush party; more than 1.000 € worth of toys get destroyed under her sexy feet! 8 small cars, 14 medium size cars, 3 large cars, 3 Bruder trucks, 10 guitars and 3 keyboards are waiting for their unavoidable destruction.
Guided and cheered by her friend Melanie (behind the cam), Ivy performs a crush fitness workout with all the items. She obliterates the toys in different styles (jumping, stomping, smashing, butt crushing, etc.) until just a big pile of trash is left.

Part 1: Ivy tests the stability of some cars by walking over them in socks before putting on her Fila Disruptor Sneakers and beginning to crush them. Later she uses the guitars as staircase to jump on further cars, enjoying the sound of breaking plastic.
Ivy changes her shoes to Buffalo Sneakers and performs some ass crush action with the small cars, while sitting on a large Hummer SUV. She demolishes a large fire engine before changing her shoes to plateau boots and crushing a large garbage truck.

In this video 10 medium size cars, 8 small cars and 2 Bruder trucks are destroyed.

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