Ivy 7 – Demolishing your Instruments

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Custom Clip: You spend way too much time with your instruments and always leave them lying around everywhere. I am honestly fed up of tidying up after you all the time!
Today I will make sure that you’ll have more time for me in the future, as I am going to obliterate your beloved guitar along with all your keyboards. Who the heck needs four keyboards anyway?
After walking over the first keyboard in socks, I decide to sit on it while ripping out the keys with my hands. To speed up the destruction, I put on my black gothic plateau boots which match very well with my wetlook leggings. With those shoes, I can really stomp your shit to bits and pieces.
But I also brought some more tools with me; a crowbar, a baseball bat as well as a sledge hammer…just the right tools for a big massacre. I want to try all such nice tools on your instruments as I am sure that it will give me great pleasure to destroy your items that way.
I even use the guitar as a sledge hammer, trying to halve a keyboard and its stand. In between, I also spit on the remains of your belongings to show you how little they mean to me. Don’t even think that I will leave anything intact!

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