Jenn 2 – New Shoes for Jenn (Close-up)

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Custom video: Jenn is very excited about the new wedges she just bought. These shoes are so beautiful and no comparison to the ugly brown pumps, which she is currently wearing. Therefore Jenn considers what to do with the old pumps. Since she wants to have some fun, she plans to ruin them by playing different crush games and starts to destroy several plastic shot glasses, eggs and cocktail tomatoes on the floor.
Once the pumps are messy, Jenn decides that the time has come to put on her new wedges. She starts posing and dangling, however doesn’t like the look of her nylon cladded feet in the wedges. So she takes the wedges off again, rips the stockings open at her feet and puts the wedges back on barefoot … ahhh, that looks perfect now!
Jenn also wants to put the wedges to a crush test and see how well they will perform. Bananas, further cocktail tomatoes and eggs end under Jenn’s shoes, whilst she has a blast to crush the food and make a big mess on the kitchen floor. Finally also some shot glasses are on the agenda again, however the wedges don’t perform as well as the pumps did … what a disappointment! Jenn gets mad and now decides to also trash her useless new wedges by crushing some cake and more eggs in them (inshoe crush), until her shoes and feet are completely soaked and slimy. However over time, she starts to enjoy trashing the wedges more and more and finally comes to the conclusion, that this is exactly what these useless shoes deserve.

This is the close-up version of the video!

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