The Birthday Party Massacre – Part 1/2

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Three uninvited guests in sexy outfits crash the birthday party of a spoiled princess and her friend. Ruining everything in sight, this party ends in a massive wet and messy, foot worshipping extravaganza.

Part 1: The three uninvited friends Charlotte, Kymberly and Kat plan to surprise birthday girl Casey by crashing her theme party. They sneak into the garden, discovering a massive food buffet with over 100 cakes & pies, a large bouncy castle along with plenty of inflatables as well as a whole bunch of birthday gifts. Since Casey is nowhere to be found, the friends decide to amuse themselves in the bouncy house, playing joyfully with large inflatable beach balls.
When Casey hears the noise, she comes running outside and pulls the power plug to end the enjoyment for the three intruders and make them leave. However Charlotte, Kymberly and Kat don’t even think about leaving and confront Casey. They push her to the ground and punish her for not having invited them. Kymberly demands Casey to smell her buffalo sneakers, socks and bare feet and forces her to watch while Charlotte and Kat begin to crush the beautifully wrapped birthday presents with the heels of their plateau boots.
Suddenly Casey’s friend Riley turns up and gets immediately involved. She is requested to clear the scene and hand the next presents over to Charlotte and Kat for crushing. The girls make fun of Casey’s manly gifts, being smaller and larger collectible model cars as well as some expensive guitars. Kymberly cheers Charlotte and Kat whilst all presents are destroyed to bits and pieces. The rampage girls also don’t even hesitate to destroy Casey’s brand new plateau heels by cutting them off her feet with scissors.
Finally also Charlotte and Kat want to get their sweaty feet worshipped. They take their boots off and one after another sits on Casey, who has to smell and lick their grassy dirty socks and nylon feet. Later the stockings are ripped and Casey is requested to even suck and lick their bare toes and feet until the girls are pleased enough. In the meantime, Riley has to get new footwear for the girls from Casey’s wardrobe.
After the girls put on new stockings and their shoes again, Kymberly decides to perform a table dance. Amid the applause of the others, she climbs one of the buffet tables and starts to crush sandwiches, fruits, biscuits and other goodies. Once the food is gone, she also kicks and throws all the glasses and plates joyfully to the ground in a catastrophic crash, since there is no more need for them anyway.
The girls now determine that it is time for some cake catwalk performance. Charlotte and Kat rip Casey’s outfit off as they want to see her naked tits and ass for this action. 13 cakes are lined up in a row before Casey has to walk all over them with a new pair of plateau shoes (pumps) as the girls cheer her. When one of Casey’s heels gets finally stuck in the tarts and she loses her shoe, the other girls decide to perform some cake catwalk as well until all cakes are completely flattened.
Since their boots and heels are completely messy now, Kimberly instructs Casey and Riley to lick her shoes clean. The two also need to worship her socks and bare feet, whilst Charlotte and Kat perform another cake catwalk with new pies in the background to get their boots even more messy. Once their boots are entirely caked, they sit down on some chairs while Casey and Riley need to kneel down on an inflatable watermelon in front of them. Charlotte and Kat accidentally pop the inflatable with their heels as they instruct Casey and Riley to also lick all the cake mess from their boots. These two bitches really take big pleasure in having their servants worship them.
The girls finally get hungry, so Kymberly decides to feed them with more cake. However she just smears the pies on Casey’s and Riley’s tits, much to the amusement of Charlotte and Kat. Casey gets pissed and claims revenge which Kymberly can’t await, so the girls decide to take the party inside….

This is part 1 of the video. A sexy hot crush, messy and foot worship party … our biggest and hottest destruction party ever produced! Don’t miss it !!!

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