The Birthday Party Massacre – Part 2/2

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Three uninvited guests in sexy outfits crash the birthday party of a spoiled princess and her friend. Ruining everything in sight, this party ends in a massive wet and messy, foot worshipping extravaganza.

Part 2: The rampage girls take the party inside, where even more cakes & pies are waiting. As revenge, Catherine gets pied by Casey and Riley, before the two crush some cake with their nylon clad feet and rub them all over Catherine’s face. Shortly after, the nylons are ripped so Catherine can even lick the cake from their bare feet.
Now the party girls want to toast on Casey. Since all the glasses are already smashed, they simply use Riley’s and Casey’s plateau pumps to drink from. Then it is time for some inflatable popping and ripping. While Kymberly cheers Catherine and Kat destroy several large beach balls with their thigh plateau boots, Casey and Riley put on new stockings.
Once all inflatables are popped Kymberly, Catherine and Kat want to get rid of their sweaty stockings and socks. They take their shoes off and demand Casey and Riley to take the socks off with their mouth, followed by tearing each other’s pantyhose. The girls continue with some cake crawling as they get their outfits and uniforms completely messy.
They cut and shred each other’s clothes before Catherine and Kat demand Casey and Riley to worship and lick their feet clean. Kymberly however is not convinced by the cleaning performance, hence decides to punish Casey and Riley by cutting their high heels with a pair of scissors.
Some time later, the girls dress up again with some catsuits. Kymberly demands Catherine and Kat to also put their socks and shoes back on since she wants to have some extra fun. She then takes some bottles of juice and pours the cold content right into Catherine’s and Kat’s boots. The action is followed by some more cake crawling and wrestling, whereby Kym takes the girls’ boots off and demands them to get their white socks messy with cake.
The girls pie each other’s faces, tits, asses and get their catsuits and bodies entirely messy. They even perform some cake butt and pussy crushing while Kymberly cuts the totally messy boots of Catherine and Kat. Both girls eventually take revenge and also cut Kymberly’s Buffalo boots to shreds. Casey and Riley are instructed to perform another round of foot worship before the girls rip each other’s catsuits (to get entirely naked) and wallow in the remains of over 100 crushed cakes & pies.

This is part 2 of the video. A sexy hot crush, messy and foot worship party … our biggest and hottest destruction party ever produced! Don’t miss it!!!

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