The Birthday Party Mishap - Part 1/2

Vera wants to celebrate her birthday party with all of her friends except two of them. That bothers the uninvited guests Lisa and Jenny very much, so they plan to crash Vera’s party.

Lisa arrives first at the venue, lurks around the house and finally enters through a backdoor. She steps on everything she can find (such as dolls, magazines, model cars, etc.) with her sneakers to cause the highest possible damage.

Then she starts to unwrap some of Vera’s gifts, which turn out to be more expensive model cars and several pairs of Buffalo boots. Lisa puts on a pair of boots and continues walking over the cars when Vera suddenly comes in. She is shocked about the chaos, however Lisa convinces Vera to join the fun and promises her to leave straight after.

Now also Jenny joins the crush party with her Nike Air Max. The girls finally unwarp all the remaining presents and take the party outside, where they crush all the pretty model cars with their Buffalo boots until only scrap is left.

Runtime: 80 min.

Lang.: German