The Birthday Party Mishap - Part 2/2

After all the presents are finally obliterated, Lisa and Jenny still don’t intend to leave. As they are hungry from all the crush action, they help themselves at the large cake buffet in the garden and use Vera as their servant.

A messy cake riot breaks loose as the two brats have plenty of ideas how to pick on Vera and ruin her party. They flood Vera’s shoes with sparkling wine and cake, then force her to drink and eat it. Later they crush several cakes with shoes, socks and nylons and demand Vera to lick their feet clean. Vera even has to take their spit and swallow pre-chewed cake.

Surely Vera doesn’t tolerate this humiliation and finally works out a way to revenge herself. All their clothes and shoes are ripped and ruined in the end.

Runtime: 60 min.

Lang.: German