The Revenge - Part 1/2

Lisa has been deceived by her fiancé, so she and her girlfriends Jenny, Lilly, Summer and April go to his house. There the girls decide to teach Lisa’s fiancé a lesson by crushing his entire model car collection.

The five friends start with some smaller cars by walking over and crushing them in socks, Adidas Superstars, Roxy sneakers, orange Chucks, Adidas ripples and Buffalo sneakers. Later the girls change their footwear to Buffalo boots. They continue with several larger cars and torture them until they are completely demolished.

Then it is time for some dance crush. Each girl picks a new car as the crush party continues on a stage. The girls have a blast to break the cars with dance moves whilst listening to some party music.

This action is followed by some more large model car crushing, until only a pile of trash remains in the end.

Runtime: 60 min.

Lang.: German