Tiana 2 – Giantess on your Cars (Wide Angle)

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Look at these precious cars! You could never afford a real Porsche, could you?! Now you can just imagine yourself driving one of these cars before I crush you in it. It’s amazing how powerful the heels of my overknee boots can be. How much would I prefer you to be under my heels than these cars!
Ahhh, isn’t that a good sound? I mean not as nice as if it was your bones crushing, but it will do. Such destruction, such power! I appreciate this might be hard to watch but a worthless little boy like you deserves no better. Remember that this happens when you disobey me…you lose your favourite toys! You get punished, so why don’t you let this be a lesson to you? And because I told you too, why don’t you come here and clean up after me?
The heels of Tiana’s thigh high fur boots suffer severe damage from the crush action in this clip.

This is the wide angle version of the video!

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