Tiana 9 – I crush and spit on your favourite Toy Car (Close-up)

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Are you collecting those little toy cars? Well… there is no room for them in my house, so I will show you what I will do to your collection. This car is probably your favourite one, isn’t it?
It feels very soft under my feet and I really can’t await to crush it with my socks. It’s surprising how much fun you can have, crushing things…for me it is the crunchy noise, I think. But the noise alone is surely not enough; I want to destroy the car properly, so I better put on my Adidas Superstar Sneakers as I am not strong enough with just my socks.
What about if I spit on your silly car as well to make it all wet…would you like that? And then step on it with my trainers? I could do that all day long as I just love this squeaky sound. So you just stay there on the floor now and keep watching me destroy your pathetic car. In the end you will have to clean up all the mess anyway!

This is the close-up version of the video!

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