Tiana & Char – Inflatables are made for Popping (Close-up)

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So many beautiful inflatables from your collection made it into our garden…several unicorns, air mattresses, beach balls and swim rings. Time for us to have some fun with them!
We do have a blast playing with your toys and are eager to mercilessly destroy them, trying to pop some of the beach balls with our butts. Later we put on our shoes and Tiana begins to drill the sharp heels of her overknee boots right into the plastic. We also stand on some of the inflatables to test if they can carry our weight without the air escaping or just pop.
We are getting so excited that we even decide to rip the inflatables into shreds, regardless if it is a cheap beach ball or a valuable unicorn. In the end all your toys will be destroyed beyond repair!

This is the close-up version of the video!
(We do recommend the close-up version over the wide angle version)

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