Two girls in boots walk over plenty of snails (0034)

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Two young women are wearing their boots on a lovely summer day. Suddenly they notice strange sounds under her boots. Then they see plenty of snails crawling on the ground. And they enjoy walking over the snails and destroying all of them.

Zwei junge Frauen tragen an einem schönen Sommertag ihre Stiefel. Plötzlich vernehmen sie komische Geräusche unter ihren Stiefeln. Dann sehen sie viele Schecken auf dem Boden herumkriechen. Und sie haben Spaß daran über die Schnecken zu gehen und alle zu zerstören.

supplementary note:
Layla and her teammate are older than 17 years and love crushing of insects and crawlers.
They do everything voluntarily and with lot of fun.
They show themselves in their clips in excellent video quality with close view, medium view and full body view.
Only their face is not recognizable in anonymous clips for distribution in the internet.
The language in their clips is English or German.
They love to do custom-made movies and are happy to show their face in full movies at

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